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Project 'Seabass' (Dune) | in Pre-production
Studio Character Art Director (Oslo, Lisbon, Durham studios)

Still early in development, focus has been a mix between team management, pipeline development, integration and visual R&D. Currently focused on a custom production Skin Shader that intends to speed up production times eliminating overhead work while maintaining a high level of consistency between different artists. (Video below for more reference). We've also started implementing Alembic hair systems and currently focusing on a revamped Dynamic Layering System that leverages new DX12 features for performance.

Overview of the new Skin Material for production and early systems implementation.

New Shoulder/ pectoral deformation Rig.

Overview of the custom Dynamic Layering System (DLS)

Personal Work

An array of unfinished projects, doodles and lunch crunch pieces.


Conan Exiles, 'Island of Siptah' Expansion 
Character  Creature Lead, Funcom NC

Creature models, team & production management, feedback and mentoring.


Fourth Reset of 'Mallard Project' (Canceled)
Character \ Creature Lead

Aside from creating assets, general lead functions and assisting with Art Direction, I designed a full pipeline for asset creation that allowed for an ultra quick turnaround for character variations.

This included: Modeling/ texturing pipelines, Custom Dynamic Layering system, Substance Painter integration, Dynamic Material Functions, Skin shading & pipeline, character modularization & costumization system, and a custom Decal system for character vartiation.


Second Reset of 'Mallard Project' (Canceled)
Character \ Creature Lead


Project 'Arrakis' (Canceled)
Senior Character / Creature Artist

While developing our new internal engine, The project benefited from early implementation of workflows and features tailored specifically to our needs. We'd design systems in UE4 and implement them with the help of tech. Here is where i developed the original version of my custom Dynamic Layering System and the foundations for what was to become the Dynamic skin shader (seen at the top).